fredag 27. mars 2015

Bad Heart by Swedish pop  Caotico

tirsdag 24. mars 2015

mandag 2. mars 2015

For five years I been using this site but sadly from today I just wanted to just announced that I moving my site to another location and no there's nothing wrong with this blog. As I`m traveling this summer and wanted to start fresh, the god news is I`m still gonna keeping this site as a reminder for does all five years. I`m gonna keep posting but not as a home page.   
Te amor .A

The New blog:


torsdag 12. februar 2015


The Dig - Midnight Flowers 

torsdag 29. januar 2015

Marit Larsen - I don't want to talk about it

tirsdag 27. januar 2015

                              SAFIA - You Are The One

fredag 31. oktober 2014

I don`t know what is the worst. The moment when I break someone heart or the look? The shock after telling the fact your not a girl (disappointment). Just a pretty boy with cunning look. 

Bruuns Bazaar
Acne Studios
Tiger Of Sweden
Song: josef-salvat/open-season

fredag 10. oktober 2014

                         Panama - Stay Forever