mandag 9. mai 2016

You Just made my day couse I have been looking for this. A

tirsdag 9. februar 2016

torsdag 4. februar 2016

tirsdag 2. februar 2016

tirsdag 27. oktober 2015

torsdag 15. oktober 2015

Jacket: Levis www.levi.com/no/en_GB or www.matchfashion.no/
Underwear: Diesel store.diesel.com/
Jeans: Weekday shop.weekday.com/gb/
Skateboards/Super Mini Cruser made by a bambo www.koastal.co

søndag 11. oktober 2015

mandag 21. september 2015

The Pathway. Not everything has changed..... just the only thing I love the most.
I don't hate the ones cutting it or complete blame them for it. I just hate the action they choose and have no morals about doing it....... Haaoh! You may have no idea what Im talking about haa?. Just think about a place where you go to be lost in on your own mind..... and smell of trees with a long years hard work growing... sooo tall and proud. It's a place where when you need it, and always be there. It`s a big picture of art! With that big picture keeps evolving. The artist it self give us a free will and we shape it with aware actions. At in the end of this, we are not even talking about that one place! We are made for two things to be a self egocentric form to destroy to build or create form of arts to be small form of a proud human being. With your success is mine and mine success is yours and sun is always brightest so why not use it? Is it because it's free? .A 

lørdag 19. september 2015

søndag 13. september 2015

"My feelings are my own burden and if I was happy or sad I won`t tell you a single thing. I promise the ocean my redemption to let you see me, so you can watch me walk away. Could be but recompense though you were crowned.  You the royal blood wolf...  being alone I`m use to it." .A